A green solution to a worldwide problem.

WF Recycle-Tech has created an ethical, environmentally friendly and economically viable solution to the recycling of End of Life Tyres (ELTs) throughout the world with the launch of its unique pyrolysis process.

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Recovered energy sources

Recovered Energy Sources

WF Recycle-Tech's thermo-dynamic system takes shredded rubber crumb from ELTs and breaks it down using a combination of kinetic energy and heat to produce three end products: Oil, gas and a raw recovered carbon black (rCB).

CO2 reduction

CO2 Reduction

For every tonne of recovered carbon black (rCB) that is used as a substitute for virgin carbon black, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by approximately 2.5 tonnes. WF Recycle-Tech's 24/7 solution produces circa 4,200 tonnes of rCB annually resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions in excess of 10,500 tonnes per year.

Continuous process

Continuous Process

Unlike many other companies in the industry who proceed with batch operations, the WF Recycle-Tech solution is a continuous process which allows customers to benefit from high production efficiency levels as well as reduced manual labour.

System runtime designed to be in excess of 7,000 hours per annum, net of downtime (24/7 operation).

Oil produced from the process can be used as a fuel to generate electricity and provides circa 2 ‐ 2.5 megawatts per hour.

rCB produced from the process can be used in multiple applications including rubber and masterbatch products.

All non-condensable gases produced can be utilised to power the system.

System consumes 1.5 tonnes per hour of waste rubber crumb preventing up to 250 tyres an hour going to landfill.

Small footprint; core components installed in less than 20m x 30m.

Key Business Partners

Farrel Pomini
Aston University
HF Mixing Group
Future Energy

Number of tyres removed from vehicles per day in the UK

Number of tyres which reach the end of their life globally each year

Number of tyres a single WF Recycle-Tech system will prevent from going to landfill per day


1.5 billion

up to 6,000