UK Pyrolysis systems designed to create value from End of Life Tyres

Taking a non-biodegradable waste stream and producing environmentally sustainable commodities.

What We Do

WF Recycle-Tech is a UK pyrolysis technology provider producing ethical, environmentally friendly and economically viable systems to be used in the recycling of End of Life Tyres (ELTs) throughout the world.

Our patented thermo-dynamic process takes shredded rubber crumb from ELTs and breaks it down using a combination of kinetic energy and heat to produce three end products: Oil, gas and a raw recovered carbon black (rCB) all of which have commercial applications.


Our machines are manufactured using tried and tested technology put together in an innovative manner to form a unique continuous process.

The WF Recycle-Tech team includes the backing of our shareholders Farrel Pomini, a business unit of HF Mixing Group, a global leader in the production of compounding systems for the polymer processing industry with over 150 years’ worth of engineering and manufacturing experience.

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HF Mixing Group is one of the world’s most recognized names in rubber and tyre manufacturing equipment, supplying mixers to many of the leading tyre firms around the globe who use the equipment to form the rubber compounds that make up the foundation of a tyre. Combining this core business with WF Recycle-Tech’s patented system, we intend to close the tyre recycling loop.

WF Recycle Tech tyre cycle
Unsustainable end of life tyre model


Our system addresses three of the key issues in the world today:

Job Creation

Sale of WF Recycle-Tech systems will help the UK create a new industry and jobs for environmental recycling projects. Our aim being to support government initiatives and promote a worldwide greener approach to business.

Independent Testing

We use industry accredited UK companies in the form of the Energy & Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI) and Artis to analyse the characteristics of the oil and rCB produced from a WF Recycle-Tech system.

Both parties have been key partners over WF Recycle-Tech’s extensive 6 year research and development programme which has seen the company refine its first generation system and hone the oil and rCB offtakes. In fact, the rCB produced to date has been labelled unique with better dispersion characteristics than that of other conventional rCB’s.

Europpean Bioenergy Research Institute

Oil analysis

ARTIS Reasearch & Development

rCB analysis

WF Recycle-Tech

With the pyrolysis market growing in stature and the demand for renewable products rising, the question is where does WF Recycle-Tech add value to separate itself from its competitors in the market?


Small scale affordable plants processing 1.5 tonnes of rubber crumb from ELT’s per hour allow for systems to be strategically placed in specific locations minimising costs.

Seal of quality

Unique patented process producing quality rCB which can be used in numerous applications from masterbatch to new tyres.

Continuous operation

Continuous operation increasing production efficiency and reducing manual labour.

Experienced engineering

Experienced engineering team ensuring reliability of the process.

Small footprint

Small footprint; core components installed in less than 20m x 40m